We’re working at delivering a less cluttered world; to create Real Connections, Effective Communication and Lasting Relationships through a digital experience that is Simple, Green, Affordable and Now.


A SMART COMMUNICATOR… every business needs beepd™.


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what is beepd?

beepd™ is a compact Smart Communicator that showcases your best.  beepd™ can be linked to websites; videos and presentations; other people in your company; your online diary, and even include a call-to-action.  All your communication channels on just one screen of your mobile phone and so easy to share, by SMS, Whatsapp, email or QR scan.


Once saved by your client, your beepd™ is always in the palm of their hands, allowing them to communicate with you any way they choose and to refer your business by on-sharing your beepd™.  Promoting your business has never been easier or more effective.


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We live in a world of message overload and increasingly people want to send and receive only pertinent information, that will add value to their lives.  If it’s not relevant, easy to use, flexible and green – they don’t give a beep!  beepd™ empowers you to relook the way you communicate.  Traditional media like TV & print advertising; printed business cards and high-maintenance websites cannot compete with the affordability, one-to-one personal style, flexibility and targeted efficiency of a beepd Smart Communicator™.  It’s the smart way to communicate that respects people’s time, choices, interests and needs, adding value to life, every single day. 

beepd™ is about Connections and Communication; about building communities and networks; about helping you generate sales, reach new markets and grow customer loyalty.


our clients

These are the first of the smart adopters. Join them!

Impressive right? And you’ll be even more impressed when you check their beepd Smart Communicators™ and see for yourself, just how much flexibility you have to ensure that your message not only reaches your customer; they also have the means to spread the word on your behalf!

get beepd™

To discover how beepd™ offers you a whole new world of communication, give us a beep. beepd™ Communication. Refined.

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